Why is Building Your Book Like Building a Hamburger?

● The book cover is like the bun that wraps the burger.
● The manuscript is your meat.
● The design elements for your book interior are like the condiments and sides that make your burger tasty.

What is Included in Building Your Book?

● up to two samples of options for interior design layout concepts
● one-on-one consultation to choose the style of your book
● ongoing consultation during the design process with email support
● print-ready PDF upon completion of the project
● an option to remove the stress of finding and working with a printer
● and much more

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What Special Condiments Can Make Your Book Tasty?

● Chapter subheading
● Block quotes
● Pull quotes
● Simple chart or graphs
● Simple form
● Endnotes or footnotes
● Drop cap
● Lists
● Sidebar
● and much more

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#1 Best Seller on Amazon

Print Book & eBook creation by Lauretta of Media Mix Unlimited

(note: #1 ranking at time of launch)


#1 Best Seller on Amazon

Cover Update, eBook Design & Creation by Lauretta of Media Mix Unlimited

(note: #1 ranking at time of launch)

A Small Sample of Print and eBooks Designed by Lauretta of Media Mix Unlimited

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Free Sides for Your Book Design

Many books have special pages that are standard in the overall design. At Media Mix Unlimited these pages are free sides for your book just like free sides you get with your hamburger. These pages may include a copyright page, table of contents, interior title page, signing page, appendices, dedication page, author bio, bibliography, reference list or chapter notes. Other free sides may include page numbering, headers and footers. What free sides would you like in your book?


Next Steps...

Is your manuscript close to being finished? Is it in the editing stage? Is it completed ready for interior design? No matter which of these stages you are at, it is time to start the process of turning your manuscript into a full-fledged book.